Fired Fireman for God

The malaise of the current culture in America is reaching a shrill timbre. There is a crowd of people claiming to be descriminated against, claiming that everyone that does not agree with them is a villain. If you are a Christian and you actually believe that sin exists and you love people enough to say…

Wake Up Laodicea

If you are a Christian and you are living the comfortable life of “western Christianity” you need to wake up. You think that everything is just going to go on as it has always gone on when in reality you need to be praying daily for the things that are coming very soon.

Forbidden History: Did You Know that Raggedy Ann is an Iconic symbol for Vaccine Induced Injury and Death?

Originally posted on The GOLDEN RULE:
This is a classic article of overwhelming significance. It shows that as far back as 1915, vaccinations were under suspicion of both health dangers and questionable medical practices. Including collusion from supporters covering their own backsides. Under suspicion for very solid reasons, what’s more! A complete absence of ethics…