Vaccines are not mandatory to attend Public School in the State of Texas. Want to opt out? Here’s how.


If you believe that it is unethical to inject your children with heavy metals like aluminum and mercury, various animal cells, or cells from aborted babies, you have every right to opt out. The truth about vaccines is worse than you may imagine. Many of the vaccines contain live cancer cells. These all seem like terrible things to put directly into your blood stream.

The claimed purpose of these vaccines is to strengthen the immune system. By by-passing the oral and nasal entryways, where the immune system is strongest, these vaccines actually have the extremely high likelihood of permanently damaging your immune system and causing brain damage (among other terrible things like arthritis, diabetes, bowel issues, seizures and pancreatitis).

Any adverse reaction, even if you do not notice at first, is too much, especially when you discover by reading the inserts that the vaccines are not tested for efficacy or safety.

Here is the link to get your vaccine waver for your children:

Here is a link to the Merck MMR vaccine insert that comes in the box the vaccine vials arrive in (take a moment and read the “Adverse Reactions”. Seriously. READ IT!) :

If you would like to see the inserts for many others, here you go:

Know the risks and don’t be intimidated by the vaccine Nazis out there that call you evil if you question the brainwashing. Remember to be kind. They are just ignorant. I was ignorant once too. Our whole family caught the whooping cough after being immunized for it. That was what pushed us over the edge to look up all of this.

God bless you and give you wisdom and courage as you look after your little ones. There are no more precious jewels in the world to wear about you than the loving arms of your children.


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