Transgender Is A Symtom: Orwell and Huxley Appear To Have Both Been Right.



When you look at the societal landscape around you, what do you see? Do you see freedom still, or is that just a carefully placed veneer polished over filth. It seems that the “powers that be” have a figured out a way to “polish” filth and feed it back to us.

For fun I have linked this video, but think about it. Just because something looks good on the outside, is it? What is the inside like, or the heart behind it.

You are not a slave. You are a human made in the image of God. How often do you accept falsehood? Men dressing as women and women dressing as men, acting as though that makes them different on the inside. Then a government that would allow people that are obviously obsessed with their private parts to the point that they would demand acceptance at all costs, even the cost of the safety of women and children. They are lying to themselves and everyone else about who they are, and now others are not allowed to be critical of such behavior without being labelled as a bigot or a “hater”.


The above equation has been enacted as truth in our society. The LGBT agenda is a symptom of a worse problem. As a people we have abandoned God and decided that we know best about everything, which has led us to be fooled by evil people that wish to control us and cull us. They are shutting down our freedom to speak openly and using the LGBT agenda to do it. It is a great concern of mine that this will continue to escalate as two strong worldviews cannot co-exist. On the one hand you have a worldview that is being presented that SEX and everything to do with it should be mainstream everywhere and be celebrated in the streets, while the other one says that there are more important things in the world. And when I say more important things in the world, I don’t mean to say ignore the transgender bathroom issue as though it is a non-issue. It is evil, controlling and manipulative at all stages.

Stage 1: Accept me no matter what.

When someone lies to you, do you trust them? Why should we accept men and women’s lies to themselves and us? If you want to live as transgender or gay lifestyle, you are lying to yourself and everyone else and you have been given over to insanity. This does not mean that I don’t love you or accept you as another human being, it means I don’t accept your behavior as good. Don’t be a hypocrite. If you think it is wrong to disagree, or even evil that I don’t like to be forced into believing something, why are you forcing your opinion on everyone as fact. There are facts and opinions. If you were born physically a man or a women, unless you are a physical hermaphrodite, you are still a man or a women no matter what you put on or cut off.

Stage 2: Accept me and endorse me.

By demanding to be called a “she” if you are really a “he” or vis versa, you are forcing people to lie. This is deplorable. If I do not believe that you are something, I should not be forced against my conscience to endorse you are such. This is thought control and tyranny over the minds of others.

Stage 3: Accept me or be punished.

Thought crimes. I have noticed that even if people submit to saying someone is a woman even if they are not and it is discovered that they do not actually believe it, they are persecuted. What is behind this? It is the heart. All humans know that if the heart is not in sync with truth (whatever “truth” people have decided is true) that there is conflict. If people do not agree on a heart level, they can never be truly of the same goal. That is why coaches and leaders are needed on sports teams, they must get the team to think the same. If you cannot think the same and have the same goals, you will not work together and the team will ultimately fail. What happens to a teammate that is not a team player? They get cut from the team. It seems that wicked people in our culture have re-written the rules of the game and are now calling the folks that knew the real rules “not team players.” It is like trying to force the rules of basketball on a football team. It will never work and people will resist. Men are not women and women are not men, no matter how much people try to say there is no difference. It is simply not true. A basketball is not a football.

Stage 4: Violence.

The cognitive dissidence, when not resolved, ends in violence. In our current case with the bathrooms being opened to men with confused feelings, the result is chaos. And I think that really is the goal. It is not about rights of anyone. It is about creating so much chaos that people will act irrationally and be distracted from the “man behind the curtain.” If you think that letting the bathrooms be open to anyone is about freedom to be who you like when you like, you are dead wrong. Pedophilia and rape will be on the rise. I hear feminists decrying the rape culture, but are happy with letting men (that don’t claim to be gay) into the women’s bathroom and locker rooms at all levels of society. What about the freedom to protect women and children from sexual abuse? A few men feel like wearing silky panties and we all have to give up everything? Do these men not know that they have been fooled and that their “feelings” are being used to create the worst form of oppression upon the human mind and spirit? AND YES, they are being used like fools. Selfishness is at the core of their desires. It will not end well for them or the government that is using them to destroy the “team” of our people. Forcing sexual deviancy into everyone’s lives, from the youngest to the oldest is an act of complete and deplorable evil that there are no words that can describe the level of reckless evil before us.

The government has betrayed us in the worst way. It has purposely destroyed the moral foundations of society and family. The govt has gone from serving the will of a moral people to be free in their thoughts and in their actions to a mire of tyranny over ever aspect of the lives of the people in America, even our very thoughts. We are sick and we need to be healed of this cancer. We need to stop begging for a king to fix it. We need to repent and turn back to the truth of Jesus Christ. Where there is truth, there is liberty. We need to stop being “good” in our own eyes and realize that there is a standard of good that does not come from the human heart. The heart is foolish and wicked and only wants what it wants. It only wants acceptance. We need to wake up and discipline our wayward hearts and demand that we line up with what is right, not just what we desire. There is no fulfillment for the heart accept in the grace of Jesus Christ. That is why Christians can never submit to evil and sin if they know about it. YOU MUST RESIST! If you do not repent, then you are a slave to sin and the govt has every right to tell you what to believe because you have submitted to the wisdom of the world (which creates tyranny to control). When you are free of sin, you can see things clearer and as God sees them. He gives you a choice, follow goodness and righteousness or gain what you want, death in your sins.

You can be free. Being free is easy. Staying free is the hard part. Accept the free gift of reconciliation with God through His Son, Jesus Christ, and gain freedom. Take up your cross and follow Him. It will mean death to the things of this life, but it will be life in the world to come when this one is replaced.



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