America As We Have Known It Is Going Fast…

How many people have noticed… Be in prayer for our people.



The truth about America exceeds beyond what any of us can imagine. We have been stuck in this mentality as if everything is alright in America. One day take a look outside on a nice sunny day and look up. You will see chemtrails that the media has dismissed as “contrails”. Don’t get me wrong there are contrails in the atmosphere, those evaporate, and what we see now DO NOT. I am heart broken, simply because there is no hope for the future of America. I can sit here and be this patriotic martyr, but the powers that be will not deviate from their plan. The system is designed to implode, and everything we’ve been told since birth is a lie. I am not necessarily saying America will go out cowardly, but it will be a blood bath. Look around, and recognize the wickedness surrounding the corners of this nation…

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