Fired Fireman for God

The malaise of the current culture in America is reaching a shrill timbre. There is a crowd of people claiming to be descriminated against, claiming that everyone that does not agree with them is a villain. If you are a Christian and you actually believe that sin exists and you love people enough to say something about it, even in your personal time away from your job, you can now be fired from a job just like the Fire Chief of Atlanta, Kelvin Cochran.

Cochran wrote a devotional while in his off time. He was fired for it because his book had six pages within it dealing with sexual sin as the Bible describes it. An unnamed complainant took the book to the city council. “Even though an investigation concluded that Cochran had not discriminated against anyone – he was fired.” (Fox News)

Get ready. Soon saying the truth, not even directly to others, will soon, if not condemned and halted, result in severe persecution of the Body of Christ.

If people don’t start standing up for truth, no matter what it is, oppression is coming. Beware.  The thought police are on patrol.

Read Kelvin Cochran’s story here.

Laura A. Farrar
Know What You Think


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