Wake Up Laodicea


A few words….

If you are a Christian and you are living the comfortable life of “western Christianity” you need to wake up. You think that everything is just going to go on as it has always gone on when in reality you need to be praying daily for the things that are coming very soon.

A check list you should know about:

1. It is likely that Russia is threatening WW3.

2. The Jihadists are murdering your brothers and sisters in Christ over seas and saying the west is next.

3. Martial law is coming to western countries especially the United States.

4. Corporations and banks actually act as though they think that they own you: the food supply has been poisoned with GMOs, pesticides, nano particles, aspartame, for profits. Bad health benefits the healthcare industry. Mandatory vaccines are coming even if they put things like aborted fetal cells, mercury, aluminum, cancer cells and other toxic ingredients in them and deny your right to refuse such them and demand clean vaccines.

5. The IRS has been put in charge of the Obamacare tax that basically means if you are living, whether you make a wage or not, you have to pay them tax as a citizen or lose your home, freedom and family.

6. The entertainment industry is openly marketing pornography and occultism as normal.

50 Shades of Gray was the highest opening movie for its weekend ever. The movie that previously held that honor was Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ. MTV recently put an open ad on their channel called I Love Satan. Joke or not, that is promoting occultism and is one of the nicer examples.

7. If you believe in the Bible and urge others to turn from sin you are now an enemy of “good and loving” people. If you don’t believe me, try speaking out about abortion or homosexuality.

8. Scientists believe that the worst drought in 1,000 years is on its way for North America.

9. We put people in prison because we fear they may be guilty of “something” and we cannot let them get away with it. There are more people in prison in the US than in China. And there are publicly traded prison corporations that have contracts with different states that require that the state maintain nearly full capacity or violate the contract! Stockholders are actually getting paid profits off of imprisoning you and your fellow citizens! And they get away with it because the 13th Amendment to the Constitution condones slave labor for prisoners! Read it!

10. Human trafficking is the number one crime in the world! For those of you that don’t know what that means, imagine you or a loved one are walking down the street, kidnapped and sold as a slave. Many of the people trapped in human trafficking are sold and prostituted as sex slaves until they die from it. One of the number one places naive teen girls are kidnapped from are places like shopping malls.

11. The debt, both government and domestic, is so large it can never be paid back. The US dollar is printed at interest by an international bank called the Federal Reserve Bank that pretends to be a part of the federal government so that they can own the assets of the American people. It is illegal, but they own the money we use and no one in government has stopped them and there is no outrage in the people of our nation. In short, we are debt slaves that can be forced by the IRS to continue to pay on debt we have no control over.


What was it that Jesus said to the Church of Laodicea? He told them that they thought that they were rich and that they didn’t need anything. His reply to such an attitude was that they were naked and wretched. He said they were lukewarm and that because they didn’t care about the things of Jesus but pretended they did, he was intending to vomit them out of his mouth because their careless nature was putrid to him.

Drought, Famine, Pestilence, War… The last stage is that a conquering army comes in and kills, enslaves and takes your land. Repent and pray for mercy today. It is likely the end of our culture is coming very soon.

Evaluate what you believe and wake up.