Ebola Spreads: 19,031 in Africa With 1,400 in USA

Ebola is not gone for the U.S. or Africa.

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Global Incident MapAs many of you know, I have previously written several posts on various plagues and outbreaks not only in the U.S. but from around the World, i.e. Pakistan and Africa.

I’ve reported linked information tying plagues to patents and royalty payouts and outbreaks sources in Africa migrating to South America and to North America, revealing the presence of the Chikungunya hemorrhagic fever disease (plague) in the U.S.

I was following up on the continuing spread of the Ebola (EVD) outbreak in Africa.  The greatest reports I viewed were indicating 17,000 active cases were being reported in Africa as of December 2, 2014.


WHO submitted their statistical data summary online as of December 19, 2014 reporting 19,031 (confirmed, probable, and suspected cases) for all countries in Africa of which 7,373 are deceased.

Ebola as of 12 17 2014

(source: WHO)

According to the video report below, WHO has decided not to provide written statistical data on the U.S…

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