The Case for an Involved Citizen. YOU ARE NOT TOO STUPID! You are just asleep.

Jonathan Gruber quote ACA

There is a lot of evidence that people need some education on what is going on in the world, but I would venture to say that what this man–Jonathan Gruber–proposes is cruel at best. You see he and others are proposing that other people are of less worth than he is. Instead of educating the public and allowing them to have the understanding that they need to make decisions and live with them, he would completely take away freedom and with that responsibility.

The problem is larger than uneducated, or as he puts it “stupid”, people. People like Mr. Gruber relish in the idea of fooling people and increasing their ignorance for political and personal gain. He has no care in the world for the well being of the American people as a whole. People that give up, as he has, become oppressors because they do not want others to obtain what they have because they would no longer be “special” and “exalted” as “philosopher kings.” And I may venture one further. He believes that others do no deserve what he has obtained. People that believe others are “stupid” generally believe that they are somehow more deserving and righteous than others. If you have ever read George Orwell’s Animal Farm, you immediately begin to see images of pigs that are enslaving the farm as if they are not as bad as the farmer they overthrew. This is exactly what this man is proclaiming when he calls people stupid and unable to know the difference.

You have been brainwashed all of your life to believe that once school has ended there is nothing more for you to learn and that all you are supposed to do is get a job, get a house, watch entertainment, and pay on endless debt. This is mental slavery. One of the many purposes of the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obama-care, is to further the taxation and debt of the American people and further enslave and remove the thought and admonition of personal responsibility to the state.


There is no excuse to not know they truth about the world right now. There are libraries! There are Christian men and women on the INTERNET that actually care about you, even if you are not a CHRISTIAN simply because YOU ARE MADE IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD! Time to wake up! If you choose to stay asleep, then you are submitting to this man’s terrible opinion of you!


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