Judges of conscience choose resignation over performing homosexual marriages

Fellowship of the Minds

gay marriage

Karen L. Willoughby reports for the Christian Examiner, Oct. 29, 2014, that six North Carolina district court judges have resigned rather than violate their Christian convictions by performing same-sex marriage ceremonies. They are:

  • Gayle Myrickof Union County
  • Gilbert Breedloveof Swain County
  • Bill Stevenson of Gaston County
  • Tommy Holland of Graham County
  • Jeff Powellof Jackson County
  • John Kallam Jr. of Rockingham County

About 670 magistrates serve in North Carolina, and by resigning the six give up a comfortable income, as well as standing in the community. Regarding next steps, all six say they are waiting on God to provide direction.

Same-sex marriages became legal in North Carolina on Oct. 10. That’s when the state’s ban on gay marriages was declared unconstitutional. North Carolina voters in 2012 had passed a state constitutional ban on gay marriages. But two federal judges overturned the ban and an existing state law…

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