Michelle Obama wants to legalize partial-birth abortion

Just a reminder to pray for wisdom and peace in the hearts of those in leadership.

Fellowship of the Minds

A U.S. federal statute defines “partial-birth abortion” as any abortion in which the fetus is extracted “past the navel [of the fetus]… outside the body of the mother.”

Instead of other abortion methods such as suction (“vacuum expiration“) and dilation-curettage, in a partial-birth abortion, the fetus must be “extracted” for a simple reason: The fetus is already so developed that those other methods can no longer be used. Instead, removal of the baby now requires dilating the mother’s cervix in a procedure called “Intact D&X” (Intact Dilation and Extraction).

Under the Intact D&X method, the largest part of the baby’s head is “reduced in diameter” to allow vaginal passage. According to the American Medical Association, this procedure has four main steps:

  1. Usually, preliminary procedures are performed over a period of two to three days, to gradually dilate the cervix using laminaria tents (sticks of seaweed…

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