How a Few 747 Supertankers Can Dump Tons of Aerosols as “Climate Change”

Weather modification is a reality. There are international treaties, patents and companies that are part of it. Just about any technology that has the potential for good has the same potential for bad. This is why it matters to know about it. If you ignore technology and you are a “good” person then who is monitoring it? Know what you think and be ready with an ethical answer.

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Why did Evergreen Air never use their patented deployment system to contain a single wildfire for the US Forestry Service?

Evergreen Air 747 Tanker Aerosol deployment

Complete 2009 Evergreen Promotion video

The following video was captured before it was  removed from the defunct Evergreen Air promotional page.   The subsequent promotional video did not include capability of weather modification, geoengineering and aerial decontamination.    High points in this video: (1) Advanced avionics for deploying at night (2) Refueling from a network of numerous USAF bases. (3) Intermittent, programmed deployments consistent with satellite observations of “man-made cloud patterns”.

Update 10/10/2014: Evergreen Air filed for Voluntary Chapter 7(Bankruptcy) in January, 2014 but the technology enabling tons of aerosols to be deployed over vast regions is suspected to be very active, indeed.  The patent allows for the spray device to be installed in several different aircraft types that could explain how aerosol dumps are achieved over several global locations…

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