Ebola ‘devouring everything in its path,’ – former UN rep calls Ebola “Latter Day Plague” that is growing exponentially

The Extinction Protocol

September 2014Liberia, AFRICA – The death toll from the worst Ebola outbreak in history has risen to almost 2,300 and is accelerating, as a government minister in the worst affected country warned the disease was “devouring everything in its path.” The World Health Organization said on Tuesday the death toll had rapidly escalated to 2,296 out of 4,293 cases in five West African countries, and was expecting thousands of new cases in Liberia over the next three weeks. At the UN in New York, Liberia’s minister of national defense, Brownie Samukai, warned that his country was facing catastrophe as it battled against the disease. “Liberia is facing a serious threat to its national existence. The deadly Ebola virus has caused a disruption of the normal functioning of our state,” he told the UN Security Council. “It is now spreading like wild fire, devouring everything in its…

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