Why I Believe Obama Is More Truthful Than Most Presidents Before Him

Balaam, the greedy prophet, beats the donkey telling him the truth.

Balaam, the greedy prophet, beats the donkey telling him the truth.

Prepare to be shocked and maybe a little unhappy.

I actually believe President Obama means what he says. Over the years he has made a lot of claims like what he said in Egypt soon after be took office where he claimed the United States was no longer a Christian country. It was like Balaam’s donkey telling the prophet Balaam that he was a fool for beating him when there was an Angel up ahead that would kill them all if they kept going down the path. Obama was right and Christians were in complete denial. Instead of admitting our flaws and our laziness, the Christian communities as a whole flipped out and called him a liar. Ironically, he was like a bell ringing that there was trouble ahead.

For years, the Christian community has continued to be lazy and wishy-washy and America has slipped farther and farther from its moorings. There is a lot of talk and very little action. I have been guilty of it as much as many others. But it has to end. Should Christians be involved in politics? Yes, they should, just as the early church hounded the Roman government until infanticide was outlawed, so should we hound the government until it submits to righteousness.

Why do you think that things like gay marriage and abortion have so much traction? The president has promised to ensure them both as rights. And he believes he can, and so far he has delivered. If Christians hate what God hates, if we really believe it, why don’t we protest our tax dollars and businesses being used to promote sin.

And now, today June 30th, 2014, our president announced that if Congress does not cooperate with him and his vision for amnesty within one year, he will simply use executive powers (which legally do not exist) to reform immigration. I believe him. He means what he says when it comes to the heavy handed demands and has just said that he is a dictator and knows no one will stand against him.

Is it too late for America? If Christians don’t get on their faces and submit to the Lord, the truth of President Obama’s “Change” will continue. How long will it be before things get openly hostile?


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