“Very Handy Palm Payments System Takes Off in Sweden!”

Are you part of the system? You may surprise yourself.

Short Little Rebel

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Friends, Jesus is right around the corner. I have been telling you this rather frantically because I know (having been a management consultant in the international telcom business for over 12 years) that the technology is ready. Only a few more steps are necessary to implement the Mark. The next step is get everyone to buy in. To do this, everyone needs a unique ID- it will probably be issued as a ‘national ID card’ but will actually be programmed so that it can accommodate the entire world’s population without redundancy. It will be implemented country by country and won’t look like one database- but it will be. Biometrics will be linked to that ID. The other steps necessary to prevent people from buying and selling already have their basic skeleton in place. Obamacare is the final step. It forced every doctor’s and every dentist’s…

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