Doctrine: The Bible For Dummies. Time for the Real Thing People

Know your Bible. Know what YOU think! Are you just taking someone’s word for it?

Short Little Rebel

doctrinePeople who don’t read the bible become victims of church doctrine. They also become brittle, easily broken by anyone who contradicts what they know (which isn’t much). They easily fall apart and panic- not knowing which leader to believe and which to follow. They can end up at a point in their life where they no longer know what they believe- and that can put them in mortal fear of death. There is no real strength in doctrine. Just empty brained obedience and chanting.  Perhaps it once served a purpose- but that time is no longer.  We are past the need for bread.  We now need the meat.

Many have heard the word, ‘doctrine’, and have no idea what it really means. I saw a comment, once,  from a woman who said, “There is one thing we do not question- and that is church doctrine!” I truly wanted to…

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