Do we live in a fantasy land?

When I watch the Hunger Games movies I cannot help but wonder how many of our people get the message being portrayed. I vividly remember sitting in the movie theater watching the first film and intentionally listening to the reactions of the tweens that came to see it.

Hands down, it was one of the lowest and most ridiculous reactions I have ever witnessed. At the end of the film when the teenage antagonist meets his gruesome end the tweens in the theater all erupted in cheering. They had missed the point completely. The death of the young man was a clear ringing warning to those kids and their ability to understand it, to understand that the young people in the Hunger Games were just like them, in a land full of just as much foolish propaganda and coming tyranny. The teenage villain in the film was a victim, just like the tweens will be if they don’t wake up, if their parents don’t wake up.

It is not about Right or Left. Both sides have betrayed us and pushed us to something just like what has happened to Panem in the Hunger Games. Maybe we won’t have children in gladiatorial fights over food, or maybe we have not gotten there yet. But the propaganda is the same. Tyranny is good. War is peace. Big Brother loves you. Collective salvation.

Wake up Panem! *cough* I mean America.


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