How to begin your journey… Down the rabbit hole with you!


It is important to read a lot of books. There are some books that once I read them my worldview was all cracked up and in need of serious repair.

Why? Because, like most people I spent my life believing popular media without looking at outside sources and perspectives.

The Internet is a great place to locate information, bur remember an article is only as good as its sources. These days bloggers and alternative news media are far superior for the purposes of locating original sources. The reason is because no one will take them seriously if they do not have them.

People ask me how I know so much all the time. It is because I search out many original documents to read myself. The Internet is full of articles that quote great material, usually books, by authors that don’t get mainstream attention and are very worth your time. In many cases, the reason these authors get very little recognition on mainstream reporting is because they question the “official” narrative and allow unfavorable perspectives.

Who should you trust? There are a lot of crazies out their and some of the stuff they spout is to be taken with caution. If you are a Christian (even if you are not), I would start out with genuine Christians when looking for sources. I have found the Christians that fear the Lord and fear His wrath against lying, to be some of the safest places to look for information. Especially if you are a Christian and new to going down the rabbit hole, find Christian authored material for your own mental well being. Some of the absolute best resetting of my worldview has come from them.

If you are a novice, let me give you a word of warning. Do not read or entertain sources that are favorable to the occult. It will destroy your faith in God, and it will destroy your life. If you are interested in the occult to help people you need to learn from a deliverance ministry. It will help you get perspective before diving in and give you spiritual tools to guard against what people in the occult need deliverance from.


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