Memorial Day — Thankfulness Or Spitting On Graves?

Navy Memorial in Central Texas. It is a chilling sight to see a torpedo and then read how many sailors died as a result of such devices on the brass plates in front of it.

Navy Memorial in Central Texas. It is a chilling sight to see a torpedo and then read how many sailors died as a result of such devices on the brass plates in front of it.

Today. Memorial Day. A day that should be celebrated in earnest, with deep reverence and humility. Not for show, but because those that came before us gave the most costly thing they possessed, their lives, with the hope that with their sacrifices, we could live free of tyranny.

All across the US there are times of remembrance and honor for our fallen heroes in the military, where lip-service is given to some unseen greatness to be had in their untimely deaths. A deep anger boils up within me when I read the happy well wishing tweets about honor and valor and freedom fighting. It is like spitting on the graves of those men and women that, in recent years especially, seem to have died for nothing.

Allow this picture to fill your imagination. A young country boy joins the military with high hopes and dreams that there is nothing greater that he can do for his country than fight “the enemy.” He signs his life away to the military to be medically experimented on, mentally trampled on, enslaved, sent to a foreign land to fight people that are not much different than the people he left back at home, watch his buddies die beside him at the hands of people that just want him to leave them alone, be placed on anti-depressants and sleep aids, and eventually, if he is lucky come home a changed man that has seen things that no one else he knows can relate to and experience flashbacks of horror for the rest of his life. If he is unlucky, he will come back maimed and in the hands of the atrocious Veterans Administration.

If you think this is to unpatriotic, you need to grow up start asking some real questions. I know people that have been to the middle east during the last ten years that have killed “sand rats” because they were angry that their buddy was killed by them. Wake up. They kill our soldiers the same way rednecks would if a foreign enemy tried to occupy West Texas — with any means at hand.

There are real enemies to our country, and most of them live in the West. They are big businesses, big banks, the CIA, and a bunch of weak willed politicians and judges that are scrapping our fundamental laws and rights, telling the US citizen that they have to pay a healthcare tax or lose everything they own and then go to jail for non-compliance if they disagree while allowing people that are in the US illegally to pay nothing and have little fear of deportation. I am sure that is the freedom our men and women are dying for. Look at the ‘greatest generation.” They died fighting Hitler, only to have their loss come to naught by Project Paperclip and a show trial at Nuremberg where only low level Nazi’s were tried and convicted. Project Paperclip brought over many many of the most terrible Nazi scientists that were responsible for most of the worst atrocities.

What would the “greatest generation” say to us, seeing all of the same things Hitler imposed upon Germany happening right here in America: gun control, nationalized healthcare, oppression of Christian beliefs, free speech sanctions, worship of military and government, weak leadership beneath rising pomp and circumstance of a would be dictatorship, the building of concentration camps that the US call FEMA camps, a system of law enforcement that can come in and swoop up citizens, their children and belongings without presenting proven guilt, executive orders that empower the government to put citizens into work details, and the commandeering of all water and food resources without compensation?

There is far more than that. God bless America, and please have mercy on our foolishness.


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