VA Hospital Scadal — The logical outcome of constant lying.

War is organized murder and nothing else. --Harry Patch

War is organized murder and nothing else. –Harry Patch

A few years back there was a young man who worked for me whose stepfather was a Dessert Storm veteran. He was wheelchair bound and slowly deteriorating with numerous health issues. The veteran was Hispanic, but his skin was no longer tan, but rather bleach white in patches all over him, including his face. It was clear that he was in constant suffering.

One day when I was speaking to the veteran’s wife–the mother of the young man that worked for me–she talked to me about the VA Hospital how they were waiting on her husband’s next appointment because he was not doing well. Thinking back on it I was confused as to why that someone in the serious condition that her husband was in would have to wait so long to see a doctor for help. The average American would rush to the emergency room or demanded to see a doctor that day! I immediately told her that they should stop going to the VA Hospital and try some alternatives for his condition. But she insisted that the VA was there to help veterans and were going to continue to go there. I offered up some natural remedy ideas to help get them through until his appointment, but I didn’t tell her the real reason I thought they should steer clear of the VA Hospital. Though I do not remember the source anymore, I did a lot of research in years past on experimentation on the troops and convicts and the VA Hospital was mentioned as nefarious several times in my readings.

And now, twelve years after 9/11–when young men and women lined up to join the military and defend America from terrorism–veterans are quickly being vilified by the same gov’t that trained, deployed and destroyed them. Do you remember all the “Support Our Troops” hooplah? Remember how if you said you didn’t support going to war you were Anti-American or a stupid liberal? I remember being hoodwinked by the propaganda, too. But now I see it far differently.

Our young men and women and our wealth are being eaten up by a few at the top. And more and more the dirty laundry of the secrecy of our gov’t is surfacing. There is not enough money to perpetuate the constant warmongering and now we see that the veterans–men and women that sacrificed their lives and futures for a lie– are being destroyed further here at home.

We, as a people, cannot stand for this blatant injustice. We begged for war. We got war. And now our people are being run through a death panel in the VA Hospitals. Wake up America. This kind of thing is not new. Look at all the veterans living on the street. Our gov’t sends the people to war, destroys them and then throws them out and we, as a nation, don’t even seem to care.

If we don’t want to help veterans after they come back from war, then we should not send them to war in the first place. America is a wonderful place, but if righteousness and morality does not return, we are soon to all look like the death panels and homelessness the veterans are facing.

Did the Obama Administration know about the VA Hospital kill lists?


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