GMO Producers Are Mass Murderers In The Making…

Mass murderers. That may sound a bit extreme. That is, of course, if you do not understand what genetic modification is. Genetic modification is perhaps one of the single worst examples of pollution ever invented.

If you know anything about the Old Testament account of Noah’s time and after when the Israelites were entering the Promised Land, you know that God wiped out the people in Noah’s time and in the Promised Land for two reasons. Reason number one, the people were always set on evil, and reason number two, they were genetically altered people that would pollute the human genome to prevent a savior being born to redeem the world.

So, just hearing what the Bible says about it should give us pause. God wiped out everything that was genetically impure because it was evil and destructive in nature. Are we, in modern times, with our extreme hubris, just opening the flood gates of danger by resurrecting the corruption of the genetic heritage of our world once again?


Polluting the genetics of plants and animals, as well as people, is the worst form of pollutions I have personally ever seen. The pollution is alive and self replicating. One grain of pollen from a corn tassel can travel over a mile in the the wind to pollinate a corn plant. It is estimated that over 85% of the world’s corn crop is genetically modified to create it’s own pesticide that explodes the stomachs of insects, what effect does this do to humans?

Many people do not know this, but when you consume RNA from a plant or animal, that RNA is replicated in your body and in the bacteria in your gut. You literally are made up of the genetic information that you eat. If the RNA in that GMO corn gives your gut bacteria new functions through the transfer of RNA into them that commands them to create poison in your gut, what kind of horrible chronic diseases are facing on the horizon? And how many unexplained diseases are we facing right now that are potentially caused by this GM RNA?

We don’t know. But we do know what BT Corn created by the scientists of Monsanto does to the guts of insects, and insects are far more resistant to harsh and poisonous environments than we are, only they are smaller and the dosage to kill them is smaller, too.

Rejecting GMOs is not rejecting farmers. It is rejecting a construct of death and suffering that has not proven itself to be anything but dangerous in the past and the present. Though it may be a pipe dream, GMO research that leads to polluting the earth’s genetic information should be a high crime and unacceptable to any thinking person, especially to Christians and those that respect and value God’s work in the life He created.


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