Do You Know Where You Are Headed? Hope So…

Do you know where you are retiring? Hope it is some place lovely...

Do you know where you are retiring? Hope it is some place lovely…

Jesus Christ is the only hope in this world. Accept His free gift of salvation from the punishment we all deserve for our sins against God and each other. Jesus is not a crutch. He is the only hope for peace with the life we have lived, with our sorrows, with out deepest regrets.

We all inwardly know that the world around us was not meant to be as it is. We all beg that it would not be as it is. We all know that there is real good and real evil.

Love wins. Jesus, through love, the perfect kind we don’t have, gave his life so we wouldn’t have to die and suffer forever for what we do and have done. There is no other door by which we can enter heaven but by the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ. You can’t make it on your own and you foolish and ignorant of reality if you think you are a “good enough” person.

If you only knew the depths of the snare set for you by Satan in this world you would run to Christ. Turn your life over to Him now before it is too late. There are no second chances after death. There are no do-overs. Death and then judgement before a perfect God that cannot accept imperfection without making Himself imperfect.

Satan hopes you will believe his lie that God is only a good God if he pardons you on whatever terms you bring. But there is only on way to safety from eternal torment with Satan for rebelling against God.

Though many people seem to think so, Satan is not the king of hell. Hell is a place made for Satan and his angels that turned against God. They now torment you to try and trick you to end up in Hell with them out of hatred for you because God loves you and made you in His image. Satan does not hate you for your sake. He hates you because you are loved by God, and every time he sees you, Satan sees God’s image plastered on you. And he hates God.

Jesus Christ’s blood on the cross washes away the guilt and sin of every human that will accept it and makes you free to go before your perfect loving heavenly Father and regain what was lost and stolen through trickery by Satan from us in the Garden of Eden. Nothing is too bad for Jesus Blood to atone for. All you have to do is ask Jesus to save you on His terms and it is done.

Salvation not some secret. It is free. And if anyone tries to make you pay for spiritual truth they are a liar from Satan and you are not safe with them. The truth and the salvation offered by Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit cannot be bought by money. And no one can buy their way or bribe their way with good works out of the holy wrath of God that is real justice.

Turn your life to Christ.

P.S. I believe this with all my heart. And anyone that would not tell you this, if they believed it was true, doesn’t like you. I like you. And I pray you will turn your life over to Jesus.


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