Ban Those Pesky Conspiracy Theories

By: Laura A. Farrar

These are strange times we live in. Or are they?

The idea of a conspiracy theory is far more common than most people have taken the time to understand. But the world is full of it. Even the Bible talks about conspiracies throughout. The crucifixion of Jesus was the result of a conspiracy.

So, what is a conspiracy? A conspiracy takes place when more than one person plans something nefarious in secret. Wow! I know of a lot of government officials that are up to these things all the time! This is one of the reasons why people should, and sometimes actually do, demand open government.

Many CEOs in large and small companies are guilty of conspiratorial manipulation as well. A great example is when larger companies band together to wipe out smaller competition by design. Why don’t we have more diversity in the market? Why were anti-trust laws created?

What if these “conspiracies” effected you life adversely? Commonly, they do. A great example is the way that the FDA and Monsanto exchange high level employees back and forth. Don’t see the problem? The FDA allows Monsanto to do their own “checking up” on the safety of the products they sell. Monsanto is the largest generator of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) crops in the world. There has been some really scary suppressed evidence that GMO is deadly, yet Monsanto keeps on keeping on without accountability from the FDA. Don’t think this is serious? Then ask the employees of Monsanto why they refuse to eat GMO in the company cafeteria.

Another issue with the FDA is their move to regulate vitamins as drugs. Drugs are defined as a substance that has potentially dangerous side effects used for the hope of fixing some problem in the body. Vitamins are completely the opposite. They are what the body is made of and uses to heal itself and maintain health. More people die from prescription drugs every year than just about anything else, in the hundreds of thousands range. And over the last 30 or so years under a hundred people were “suspected” to have died from vitamins. So you ask, what is the conspiracy? Drugs don’t cure, but people will pay for them to “stay alive.” Big Pharma makes the big bucks on treating the symptoms of curable cronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, as well as killers like cancer. Why are doctors prescribing drugs instead of cures? Medical schools are given huge research grants by the pharmaceutical companies. There is no money in plain old good nutrition. Clearly a conspiracy to make money off the fears of the dying and the good nature of people that go to medical school to help others.

There are many other examples, but I think that you are starting to get the idea. So, when in 2008, Cass Sunstein—the Information and Science Advisor to the President—called for a ban on conspiracy theories, the irony was clear. Calling for people to not question the official story on anything—which is what those pesky “conspiracy theorists” can’t stand—seemed to just be a way of hiding even more corruption.

You should always ask why. It is not something that you necessarily have to say to someone’s face, but it is imperative that you understand the way of the world. One of my favorite scriptures is when Jesus said in Matthew 10:16: “16Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” Be on the lookout, but do no harm. Do what is right and pay attention. To question and draw a conclusion about the collaborative actions of others is a basic part of life. If you see something amiss, don’t worry, you may be seeing a conspiracy that you are supposed to shine light on. Conspiracy is only a bad word to those that are fearful, foolish or hiding something.


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